Eileen Gillen, DVM graduated a rather long time ago from Washington State University. She has been practicing the ever-shifting art of emergency medicine and surgery on the California Central Coast for the last 16 years. Over the years she developed an enthusiastic interest in integrative therapies for pets including nutrition and weight management, management of osteoarthritis, and canine rehabilitation. She became certified in Canine Rehabilitation in 2020.

Dr. Gillen shares her life with her very patient husband, Gary, of 14 years, two active Labradors who love food and nose-work in that order; a cat named Stanley who just showed up one day and helped himself, and a flock of chickens that will never allow her to achieve basic gardening proficiency if they have it their way. Dr. Gillen enjoys sleeping, reading, horseback riding, Porsches, and gardening (when the chickens permit it to be so).